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MedCAD’s AccuPlan used in rare Frontonasal Dysplasia Case
MedCAD was recently featured in the story of the 15-year old Puerto-Rican girl, who had a rare inborn defect called frontonasal dysplasia. Because of the disease, the face bones stopped developing during the prenatal period. Several surgeries were attempted to correct the condition without success, leaving her face and jaw asymmetrical. Her family researched MedCAD and decided to give the digitally planned surgery a try. She arrived at Forest Park Medical Center (Dallas) to undergo craniofacial surgery.

Internationally acclaimed craniofacial expert Dr. David Genecov analyzed the complexity of the girl’s problem and the history of previous surgical interventions. Based on historical input and CT data, Dr. Genecov facilitated an online surgical planning session with MedCAD using AccuPlan Surgical Planning Suite. The session lasted about 20 minutes and resulted in deliverable intermediate and final splints.

MedCAD specialists worked quickly to prepare the required materials for the surgery over the 4th of July holiday. The AccuPlan report and splints were delivered to Forest Park Medical Center, allowing Dr. Genecov to perform the highly specific procedure. The girl and her family were grateful for the successful surgery.

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