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MedCAD Launches New Website and Brand Refresh

The culmination of years of research and development, long hours, a relentless obsession with customer service and new market clearances has earned MedCAD a brand refresh that drives forward our mission of Restoring Humanity One Patient at a Time.

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

CPT Codes for Surgical Planning, Guides and 3D Models

Physicians and suppliers are excited because as of July 1, 2019, the American Medical Association (AMA) is using provisional CPT® Codes corresponding to Surgical Planning, Guides, 3D Anatomical Models, and corresponding products and services.

MedCAD - Custom Surgical Solutions

Syndromic Neuro 3D Model with PEEK Implant

A unique Custom Surgical Solution involved a syndromic patient requiring a two-piece PEEK implant and 3D anatomical models. In this case, patient growth expanded the frontal and parietal bones, widening the frontal and sagittal sutures. By surgeon recommendation, a patient-specific PEEK implant was elected to fill the void and protect the patient’s brain.